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  • Active Retirees - Vinnies Special Edition
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 16 Aug 2020
    Probus - South Pacific

    This is a special edition of the Active Retirees E-newsletter sent for the information of Probus Clubs. This E-newsletter is sponsored by Vinnies and we hope that you find this message relevant and useful.


    How do you want to be remembered?
    Make a lasting legacy part of your life story.


    Leave a gift in your Will that makes a difference to future generations.


    It’s thanks to kind gifts in Wills from our supporters that we’ve been here for over 185 years, fighting to end poverty and injustice for the vulnerable and disadvantaged members in our community.

    Every day, people are helped and lives are enriched by the work of Vinnies in our communities. Meals for the hungry, toys for children, financial assistance to keep the heat on, an overnight stay in a shelter for the homeless, or a safe refuge for women and children escaping domestic violence, are just some of the ways that Vinnies strives to give hope to others.

    Gifts in Wills make up over a third of the funds we raise and without them we wouldn’t be able to support nearly as many people as we do.

    Many people think that making a Will or changing an existing one is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. We want to offer you the chance to write or amend a simple Will free of charge. It’s a great opportunity to make your first Will, or update your current Will – without having to worry about the cost.

    With a gift in your Will to Vinnies your values live on – and help transform the lives of Australian children, families and communities now, and in the future.

    To learn how to take advantage of our free Will offer, or if you’d like to talk to us about leaving a gift in your Will please contact our Gifts in Wills team on (02) 8622 0387 or email

    Find out more
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  • Staying connected with Probus, Issue 5 4th May 2020
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 11 May 2020
    Issue 5 - 4 May 2020
    We hope you are enjoying our Staying Connected E-Newsletters. In this issue we invite members to register for a Probus E-Pen Pal. We have also included some information about online shopping and a video you can watch at home of a Guest Speaker, Caylie Jeffrey.
    We also encourage you to share these weekly newsletters with family, friends and neighbours.
    If you would like to provide any suggestions or feedback please get in touch with the PSPL team.
    We know Clubs often extend invitations to each other for members to attend outings and activities. This has been a great opportunity for members to network and build friendships with members of other Clubs. As we are currently self-isolating, this is not possible and therefore we have created another way for you to connect with members of other Clubs.

    We invite Probus members to register for a Probus E-Pen Pal by clicking here.

    We will then allocate a E-Pen Pal from the members that register and give to you the name and email address for your new E-Pen Pal. This is a great way to make friends with a Probus member from another Club who may live in a different State or Country (Australia or New Zealand) to you.

    Coles and Woolworths have re-opened their online delivery service and are also providing priority assistance to vulnerable members of the community. To learn more about shopping online click here to download in word or click here to download in pdf. 

    Please note that the Department of Health is prioritising senior Australians registered with My Aged Care, ensuring direct access to grocery suppliers via online and phone ordering. For contact information please click here.

    There are also many community services such as Anglicare providing delivery assistance to villages. 

    The top three supermarket chains in NZ have an online shopping feature providing members in the community an option to have groceries delivered. To learn more about shopping online click here to download in word or click here to download in pdf. 

    Please note that the Student Volunteer Army are providing a nation-wide volunteer grocery delivery service, open to those aged 65+ and anyone who shouldn't be out shopping right now. For more information please click here

    The New Zealand Government has also provided advice on safe shopping accessible by
    clicking here.
    Author Caylie Jeffery talks about her real-life detective story based on money and documents found Under the Lino of her Brisbane home while it was being renovated.

    Caylie's Message:
     "My name is Caylie Jeffery (That Lino Lady!) and I have been the guest speaker at a number of Probus Clubs in Queensland  to speak about a community project I have been managing called Under the Lino.
    For those of you who missed my presentation, because they weren’t able to get to it, or whose Clubs were asked to cancel events, I am really happy to be able to share my presentations with you now!
    I was a guest speaker at the recent Fraser Coast Writers’ Festival, and they were kind enough to film my presentation." For more information on Under The Lino click here or email:

    We have a signed copy of Caylie's book to give away, if you would like to go in the draw to win click here.
    As we are approaching the midst of flu season and are still combatting Covid-19, the Government has introduced an online flu-tracker for Australian and New Zealand citizens to monitor their symptoms. Click here to find out more. 
    Our first submission received for the #ProbusMayChallenge was submitted by a member from Combined Probus Club of Twin Rivers Warrnambool (VIC). 

    Pictured is the member using an exercise bike while watching an old VCR movie on TV and not to mention a sneaky beer! 

    Share your #ProbusMayChallenge with us by emailing
    Our Coronavirus Survival Guide can be downloaded by clicking here for Australia and the New Zealand guide by clicking here*There have been some updates to the Australian guide.
    Contact the PSPL Team
    Australia 1300 630 488 or +61 2 9689 0200 New Zealand 0800 1477 6287
    Email: Website:

  • Staying Connected with Probus - Issue 4 27 April 2020
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 4 May 2020
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    Issue 4 - 27 April 2020
    Welcome to Issue 4 of Staying Connected. Self isolation has been the way of life for many weeks now and we thought it is a good time to evaluate the kind of activities you are doing at home and also provide some ideas to keep you busy and connected with others. To get you further motivated, we have set a challenge to encourage you to consider doing as many of these activities as possible during the month of May. Don't forget to share this E-newsletter with other Club members so they too can join the #PROBUSMAYCHALLENGE 
    Click to read more
    Here are some options for you to consider using at home to get active.

    The Exercise Studio is offering free online video workouts until May 15th.
    Sign up here and be sure to tick the Probus Member box.
    Active Seniors will be hosting a free workout session online on April 29th at 11am. Click here to register your attendance. There are also free daily workout sessions you can access by clicking here
    Perhaps it is time to read that book sitting on your bookshelf or if you didn't get the chance to stock up before lock down, the internet has many options. 

    There are online bookstores that provide easy access to books including 
    Amazon/Kindle (available on all devices), Apple iBooks (available on Apple devices) and Audible (for those with eyesight impairments). *Click on the blue hyperlink for more information. 
    Play an interactive game by yourself or with friends. We have some suggestions below for you to consider.

    1. Words with Friends - similar to scrabble you can play with friends from your mobile or computer. Click here for instructions.  

    2. You can also download a variety of games from the App store on your mobile device.
    Whilst you may not be able to visit your fellow Probus friends right now, you can still "catch up" by picking up the phone and calling. 

    A simple call can brighten a person's day. So grab a cuppa and call a friend!

    You can also access the Probus Friendship Ball by clicking here. 
    Have you ever wanted to learn how to take a selfie from your phone? Now is the perfect time!

    For instructions on how to take a photo from an iPhone camera click here and for Samsung click here.

    Learn how to share selfies on the iPhone by clicking here and Samsung by clicking here
    *Instructions are relevant to most models.
    You can also check in on others by sending a text message or email. 

    For instructions on how to send a text message from your iPhone click here and from your Samsung click here

    Not sure how to send an email? Click the relevant email provider below for more information.
    Gmail  |  Outlook  |  Bigpond  |  Xtra (NZ)
    Share your #ProbusMayChallenge progress with us on
    Facebook Australia  l  New Zealand or Email.

    Keep an eye out for future issues of these E-Newsletters during May for more tips to assist you in completing these challenges. To print the #ProbusMayChallenge click here.
    Induction of new Probus member Covid-19 Style
    The photo shows President, Veronica Kells, from the Probus Club of Berowra (NSW), 
    inducting their newest Member, Ken Fox with social distancing being observed.
    Click here to view previous issues of Staying Connected
    Contact the PSPL Team
    Australia 1300 630 488 or +61 2 9689 0200 New Zealand 0800 1477 6287
    Email: Website:
  • Staying Connected to Probus - Issue 3 - 20 April 2020
  •  Date Posted: Wed, 29 Apr 2020
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    Issue 3 - 20 April 2020
    Welcome to Issue 3 of Staying Connected. Anzac Day, 25 April, is one of the most important dates in our Calendar. It marks the anniversary of the first campaign that led to major casualties for Australian and New Zealand forces during World War I and commemorates all the conflicts that followed. This year commemoration celebrations have been cancelled across Australia and New Zealand, however we wanted to encourage members to still take the opportunity to remember all those who have served our countries and their families. We also have included some Club news and other information for you.
    There are many ways to commemorate Anzac Day despite Covid-19 distancing measures. Here are some suggestions to consider below. 

    In Australia attend the virtual memorial service ceremony broadcasted on TV. It will be broadcasted at 5:30am on ABC. For more information please click here
    In New Zealand the virtual dawn service will be broadcasted from 6am, on RNZ National. Click here for more information.

    Participate in #LightTheDawn. At 6am, stand at the end of your driveway, on your balcony or in your living room to remember all those who have served and sacrificed. 

    Listen to The War Memorial Podcasts. Stream and download podcasts from The Australian War Memorial by clicking here.
    PDC JACK ABERNETHY SHARES A FEW WORDSApart from Probus District Chairman Jack Abernethy's involvement in the Probus Community,  Jack is also the Senior Vice President for The Returned and Services League (RSL) sub-branch in his local area. 
    Jack shares a few words about the history of Anzac Day and remembering our soldiers. 
    Read Jack's article by clicking here

    Anzac Day is a timely reminder of the enormous contribution our Veterans and their families have made to our lives.  
    This time of isolation makes us appreciate the social connections we make through Probus. Once we return to a program of regular meetings, one of our objectives will be to reach out to the many Veterans living in our local communities to extend the hand of Probus friendship.

    Read the full message via Word or PDF

    HOWICK EAST COMBINED PROBUS CLUB (New Zealand) organised a Committee Meeting via Zoom that went very well. Secretary Tom Owen also shared that the Committee called all their members to check up on them and still continue to produce monthly newsletters. 
    SPRING CREEK TORQUAY LADIES PROBUS CLUB (Victoria) held their Annual General Meeting via Zoom with 18 members. The Committee now plans to continue monthly meetings on Zoom with their Club members until safety measures are lifted. 
    Email our team with any photos or stories you would like featured.
    To view previous issues of Staying Connected Click here.
    Whilst currently many of us may not be able to visit our loved ones, maintaining communication has been made easier thanks to the beauty of technology. Although it pales in comparison to the real thing, video chat programs like Zoom are a great way to keep up-to-date and stay connected with people. ​Many Clubs have also written to our office advising they have held their AGM and/or general meetings including guest speakers via Zoom. 
    Zoom allows a number of people to video call at the same time. You do not need a Zoom account to attend a Zoom meeting, only the host is required to have an account to enable the scheduling of meetings. 
    We have put together some instructions on how to download Zoom on your smart phone or computer which you can view by clicking here.
    To find out more about Zoom, visit the website.

    Seniors Online Victoria uploads daily crossword puzzles.
    You can play online or download and print the puzzles by clicking here.
    Contact the PSPL Team
    Australia 1300 630 488 or +61 2 9689 0200 New Zealand 0800 1477 6287
    Email: Website:
  • Staying Connected to Probus - Issue 2 April 2020
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 27 Apr 2020
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    Issue 2 - 13 April 2020
    Welcome to this week’s edition of Staying Connected with Probus, thank you so much to all those members that let us know how much they enjoyed it.  Thank you also to those members that have signed up to receive our E-newsletters directly. On behalf of the Board and our Team, we do hope that you had a safe Easter and that you were able to connect with your loved ones during this timeIf you have any feedback or suggestions, that you would like to see in future editionsplease email our team so we can continue to provide quality content to our members.

    Probus South Pacific in collaboration with the Australian Over 50s Living & Lifestyle Guide have produced the
    “Coronavirus Survival Guide – Especially for Over 50s & Seniors”
    Many of our members are amongst the high risk age group. We sincerely hope this Survival Guide will help keep you safe and healthy during these challenging times, click here to download the guide.

    To sign up to the Over 50s newsletters click here.
    We understand that people will be confined to their homes for extended periods in order to prevent the spread of Covid 19. For some, this may allow opportunities to do DIY projects, home maintenance and other activities around the home. The NSW Government shares insight on safety practices with ladders and encourages people to consider how to remain safe while using them.
    For more information please visit the Steps to Safe Ladders website here
    The Agency for Clinical Innovation can also be contacted 
    by email.
    Even though Probus Clubs are unable to meet at the moment, there are still many ways for members to remain connected with each other. This week we introduce Probus Members to WhatsApp Messenger. The free group chat feature available on WhatsApp Messenger allows up to 256 participants where members can send messages, voice calls, recorded voice messages, images and videos. You can also video call a limited number of people at the same time. To download WhatsApp Messenger on your Mac or Windows PC click here. To download WhatsApp Messenger on your iPhone visit the App Store and for Samsung visit the Play Store. For a step-by-step guide on using WhatsApp Messenger on your iPhone click here and for Samsung click here
    We know a number of Probus Clubs were unable to hold their AGM, however we  would like to encourage incoming Committee Members to stay up to date by signing up to Probus E-newsletters here
    There are lots of interesting articles, content from Probians, interactive games and suggestions from PSPL to share and keep our Probus Community connected. 
    Stimulate your mind with Soduku! 

    You can play online or download and print the puzzles by clicking here.
    President Iris Freeman from the Probus Club of Indooroopilly
    Iris shares her plan to tackle the emotional effects of the Coronavirus. Iris has been thinking about how she personally can best cope with everything that’s going on, and decided to look to Probus for help!
    Well, not the Probus Club as much as the letters of the word Probus.
    So, what is your approach? Do you have any suggestions you would like to put forward? Maybe you would like to write a piece for our E-newsletters. Share your ideas with our Team.
    Contact the PSPL Team
    Australia 1300 630 488 or +61 2 9689 0200 New Zealand 0800 1477 6287
    Email: Website:
  • Why Social Club Membership Counts
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 30 Jul 2019
    Why Social Club Membership Counts

    There are around 6,500 community and sports clubs around Australia and astonishingly, about 30% of those are Probus Clubs.

    One of the issues with retirement is what do you do with your time? Some of us find renewed vigour for old hobbies, like gardening or crafts, both things we could do on our own and in our own homes. But what if that’s not enough?

    Well, over the years around 125,000 retirees have taken to Probus Clubs with absolute gusto and have been spending much of their retirement time simply socialising and having fun with friends. They’re always happy to tell you how much Probus has brightened their lives and rekindled their zest for fun and friendship in retirement, and they’re equally happy to welcome new members into their Clubs.

    You’ll find Probus Clubs are a mix of socialising, morning teas or lunches sometimes with interesting guest speakers, and both small and large group activities arranged by fellow Club members. Probus Clubs have a great choice of activities every month, whether it’s day trips, playing cards, crafting, dining out or helping arrange even more activities for your friends.

    But it’s not just about your own social life of course, it’s also about what you as a member can add to others’ lives. Your participation as a Probian is an important part of someone else’s social activities, and as you make more friends, your circle of social influence gets wider and wider, meaning more of your fellow Members look forward to seeing you and doing something together. You become a part of their lives just as much as they do yours, and it’s this bond of friendship that has seen Probus become the major social group it is.

    We all look forward to seeing our friends, but how nice is it to realise that they look forward to seeing us just as much? Probian Barbara from Queensland says ‘I’ve been a member now for six years and I’ve enjoyed every single one. Each year we get new members and all of them bring new ideas and life into our Club’. ‘I love welcoming them into our club and helping them get the same enjoyment out of Probus that I do’.

    The Probus website features a Club Finder that will help you find your nearest clubs. Just type in your postcode and the site will give you a list of clubs in your area and the opportunity to contact them. You can visit as many of them as you like to choose the one that’s right for you, and then start having fun!

    You can find out more about Probus by calling (Australia) 1300 630 488 or (New Zealand) 0800 1477 6287.

    Visit to find out where your nearest Probus Club is. 

  • Probus Press Release - Rediscover your favourite activities in retirement
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 25 Apr 2019
    Probus Press Release - Rediscover your favourite activities in retirement

    Today’s media is full of advisory stories for Over 50s with one common theme…the need to stay “active in retirement”, generally attached to a photo of some seniors abseiling or white water rafting. But our senior years are not always about THAT type of activity, and that’s what THIS story is all about!

    In my youth I must have been a member of about a dozen or so clubs, each one catering to any one of my many social activities like sports, walking, table games and others. I had a wide range of interests, but as time wore on and I got older, my priorities changed, the amount of spare time I had changed, and my responsibilities at work and at home all took their toll on my social life. I gave up most of those memberships over the years and never found the time to go back to them. As we age, our interests also change and mature, so we tend to let our old favourites go in the hope that one day we can take them up again. That time is now! Our senior years are here, and we now have the perfect time to rediscover our favourite activities with likeminded people once again!

    I recently went to a Probus Club get-together and while I was expecting a pleasant social meal and a chat, what I got was so much more. Before I went, I did my research so I know that there’s over 125,000 Probus Club members around Australia and New Zealand and they have regular social meetings and get-togethers, as well as trips and tours. What I didn’t know was that each Club has its own collection of “Interest Groups” formed by the members who contribute their own ideas and turn them into a great range of activities for anyone who chooses to join in. From simple table games like Scrabble and cards, to the light activities of walking, photography and cycling, right through to sailing and fishing, world cruising and many, many others.

    Anyone can form an Interest Group, for any activity, and Probians are quick to take up the invitation to join in on the fun especially when it’s one of the things they used to enjoy previously. And members can of course belong to as many or as few Groups as they choose. Each Probus Club has its own Interest Groups, because each and every Club is different, with a different set of members and different geography, and because of this it’s not uncommon for Clubs to join forces for a particular activity. Day trips are a favourite and can involve four or five Clubs or more depending on the destination, and these are determined by one of the Interest Groups, like museums, galleries, wineries or scenic locations off the beaten track.

    Rediscover the activities you thought you’d forgotten by joining a Probus Club and begin to enjoy retirement with like-minded people! You can find out more about Probus by calling (Australia) 1300 630 488 or (New Zealand) 0800 1477 6287. Visit to find out where your nearest Probus Club is.

    For more information, please contact Monika Prasad
    or (Australia) 1300 630 488 or (New Zealand) 0800 1477 6287 Additional photos and interview opportunities available.

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